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Summer / Autumn 2019: Opportunity

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This magazine has a very simple aim, to help you run your business better.
Issued quarterly, a hard copy of the magazine is posted out as a free publication to owners, directors and partners of businesses in Norfolk.
The contributors all have one thing in common, they have a connection to Norfolk and are working hard to put the county on the map and facilitate the growth and prosperity of the local economy.

Whether it’s a local business person telling their story and giving you inspiration, or experts in their field sharing tips and advice on what to do, or where to find more help if you need it,
the whole point of the magazine is that after reading it, you will be able to sit back and say “that was worthwhile and I’ve learned something!”
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In this issue of Norfolk Director Magazine,
Owner and MD of Natures Menu, Craig Taylor, talks about his life and career, and how his roots are firmly embedded in the county.


“Everything I do boils back to a childhood dream of wanting to succeed and be good at something. And, even though today, Natures Menu is the world’s largest producer of raw pet food, Norfolk will always be our home.”
Craig Taylor


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In this issue

Payable R&D tax credits for SMEs

UK companies looking to improve their products or processes can get valuable government financing by claiming R&D tax credits. However, the rules are changing, so starting your R&D project now could prove worthwhile. Tim Goram-Smith from BDO LLP explains.


Embracing our Ageing Workforce

The UK population is getting older and more people are choosing to work longer. James Kidd at Mills & Reeve talks about how businesses should be adapting to this changing demographic.

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Learning to love selling - Step 2: commitment

One of the biggest barriers in our approach to selling is fear; a fear of rejection, fear of not being liked or a fear of getting a ‘NO’. Matt Sykes from Salescadence gives some tips and advice on creating the opportunity to close the sale.

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Identifying Stress and Anxiety in the Workplace

Creadit Photo - Carl Dwyer from FreeImages.jpg

The causes of stress and anxiety can be very complex. They can start at home or at work, with either being the trigger for the problem. CBT specialist, Garry Barnett explains how more than ever, companies have a responsibility to act and support employees to prevent situations getting worse.

Quickfire session with…

…Brian Bush, Lime Learning. We spent five minutes with Brian and asked him some questions about running a business.


Director’s Toolbox:
Managing Employee Conflict

At some point, anyone who is responsible for managing people will be faced with that challenging employee. Knowing how to deal with these issues can be tough but it should be a top priority for employers and managers.Carole Burman from MAD-HR discusses how to stay in control to get the right outcome without getting yourself into hot water.


Opportunity: Is your uncertainty holding you back?

Growing your business can be a daunting prospect with a mounting feeling of ‘not being in control’. Carole Burman from MAD-HR gives advice and some tips on facing the fear so you can continue to successfully grow and seek opportunities?

Risk & Opportunity.jpg

Driving Game Changing Business Growth

When it comes to disruptive technology, East Anglia represents a goldmine of opportunities. Linn Clabburn from Cambridge Norwich Tech Corridor explains.

CNTCVanillaElectronicsThetfordMR 11.jpg

IoD Director of the Year Awards

The IoD East of England Awards lunch was held in June at the Jockey Club Rooms in Newmarket, and the 100 plus guests were entertained by an emotional and inspiring presentation from local racehorse trainer and vet, Ilka Gansera-Leveque. But, who were the Norfolk and Suffolk directors picking up the winning awards?

Kane Halsey Start-Up DOTY +Patrick Peal Third Sector DOTY RMG Photography.jpg

Norwich launch Vision for the Future

Recently identified as one of the five ‘fast growth cities’ in England, Norwich is increasingly recognised for its economy, quality of life and vibrancy. Read about the ambitions and priorities laid down in the 2040 Norwich City Vision.


big c: In good company

Norfolk and Waveney’s cancer charity, Big C, is launching an innovative new corporate partnership programme ‘In Good Company’, which aims to work together with Norfolk’s businesses to provide multi-level support for those in the community affected by cancer.


The UK’s Premier Wind Heritage Site

Having been born in London and with a career at International banks in the City, rural Norfolk couldn’t have been further from Debra Nicholson’s mind. She talks about how she came to be looking after Thurne Windpump and the Wind Energy Museum, and is dedicated to preserving the legacy of wind power.

Wind Energy Museum.JPG

Supporting Cultural Events and driving economic growth

New research shows that supporting arts and cultural initiatives can have a direct economic benefit on the regional and national economy. One such initiative is the Norwich Film Festival which aims to support the best local, national and international independent films and champion the film makers behind them.

a digital hub for storytelling

Some of the world’s biggest organisations are undergoing big transformation which they want to share with customers and industry leaders. James Pepper explains how BizClik Media is helping.

BusinessChief Macbook.jpg

opportunities to Invest in Local Businesses

Recently, the opportunities open to cash-rich directors and entrepreneurs to directly invest in other local businesses have become more available and attractive. Justin Nevison-Grainger at Conatus discusses why.

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SPOTLIGHT ON Caroline Mayers, Norwich BId& VisitNorwich

With over 20 years’ experience in marketing and advertising gained on global brands, Caroline joined Norwich BID in 2018 to help shape the city-wide brand strategy for Norwich, the City of Stories.

Caroline Mayers 2 Credit Boo Marshall..jpg

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: Are you ready to grab the opportunity?

Photo by ilker FreeImages.jpg

For some years now academics, industry leaders and think tanks have been using the term the Fourth Industrial Revolution or ‘Industry 4.0/4IR’ to talk about the all-encompassing cyber-physical future of technology, business and society. Anthony Pryke from Barclays Eagle Labs explains why it is on the radar of so many businesses, leaders and thinkers.

Let’s B Positive!

Sponsored by Business Growth Coach Networks and In an effort to dispel the gloom and doom, we bring you four cheerful business news articles for Norfolk:
Norfolk is a leading centre for UK’s offshore wind
UEA Institute of Productivity gets the green light
Norfolk Enterprise Festival Charter set to enhance Norfolk
Local company Abate wins national award

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door
— Milton Berle


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